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AISEO.Agency, founded by Benjamin Ogden in January 2023, leverages breakthrough AI-based SEO technologies. These advanced methods, driven by artificial intelligence powered tools, enhance the effectiveness of AI search engine optimization, achieving higher rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

AI SEO Services

Do you want more organic search traffic?​

Our AI SEO Agency, with 24 years of search engine optimization experience since 2001, harnesses artificial intelligence to enhance website optimization. Our specialized AI SEO services and SEO tools are designed to significantly increase your traffic.

On Page SEO

In optimizing on-page SEO, my 24-year journey in search engine optimization (SEO) equips me with unique and effective strategies. These strategies, crafted through decades of affiliate work in the iGaming industry, enhance website performance using an innovative SEO formula developed through extensive experience.

Off Page SEO

In managing your website’s off-page SEO, we leverage data-driven analysis and AI-powered SEO tools, enhancing our expertise in artificial intelligence search engine optimization to deliver optimal results swiftly.

AI SEO Marketing​​

AI SEO search marketing is revolutionizing traditional SEO strategies with cutting-edge generative AI content tools and analytics software, significantly boosting the outcomes of conventional search engine marketing campaigns.

Social Media​ Optimization​

In addition to offering the highest quality SEO services we also provide social media optimization to give your site an extra boost.​

eCommerce​ SEO​ AI

Ecommerce search engine optimization is difficult. If you’re not Neil Patel and your not use AI for SEO then you don’t get much search traffic.​

Help & Support​​​

Call me anytime day or night. I handle all customer sales and demonstrations myself personally.​

AISEO.Agency Makes Use of the Latest AI SEO Tools & Software​

AISEO.Agency utilizes cutting-edge AI SEO software and tools to enhance organic search performance. Our approach adheres strictly to white hat search engine marketing principles, aligning with Google’s Search Essentials guidelines to ensure our strategies consistently meet current SEO standards.

We are committed to staying informed about the latest Google search updates, guaranteeing that our marketing tactics for your website are fully compliant with Google’s SEO recommendations. Our highly skilled SEO professionals will work diligently to optimize your site, aiming for swift improvements in search rankings. The timeframe for visible results varies by site and search query due to factors like link-dependent rankings requiring more robust backlink profiles.

Nevertheless, our expertise in AI-Based SEO enables us to efficiently target long-tail, link-independent search opportunities, often achieving quicker rankings. These long-tail searches frequently surpass broad queries in conversion rates and user engagement, offering valuable traffic with potentially higher ROI.

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“Surprisingly Fast Rankings”​

I’ve never seen a spike in organic SERP traffic results so quickly before I launched AISEO.Agency in 2023 – it was surprisingly fast how the rankings shot up to the top.​ ​

Benjamin Ogden

Benjamin Ogden​

Founder, aiseo.agency

Meet the Team

AI SEO Agency is a search engine marketing marketing & AI SEO company made up of professionals trained by Benjamin Ogden based on his two decades plus succeeding in search engine optimization in the most competitive affiliate industries, including the casino industry – one of the most difficult of all markets online.​

Artificial intelligence is transforming the world in profound ways.

Using AI tools in search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming increasingly important in 2024 and beyond. The reason for this is simple. A.I. gives you the optimizing tools you need to produce better quality content and faster at the same time. Anyone who wants to be successful in search marketing will have to adapt to survive.

Human productivity has just instantly shot up from 10X to 100X. Productivity keeping increasing for me each day I learn more about this exciting new realm of AI that we fell out of the Matrix and landed in.

I’m happy to help people in whatever ways that I can.

That’s always been my big motivating driver in my life – helping others. So Naturally I’m excited to be building an official SEO company. I’ve been doing search engine optimization since early 2001. That’s a ridiculous amount of time but I feel very blessed and fortunate to have found the iGaming industry in 2001. It’s been real good to me over the years and I’m grateful for it.

I’m looking forward to helping you implement and AI based search engine optimization plan that will deliver results & get better SERP rank in 2024.

Benjamin Ogden

Benjamin Ogden

Agency Founder & SEO Team Leader

Camille Ogden

Camille Ogden​​

Customer Relations

Would you like us to do AI powered SEO for your blog, store or website?​

Please give us a call to talk about how we can help you quickly rank better and start receiving more natural search traffic to your website. This is my direct line and you can all me anytime. Literally, I’m always working anyhow because I love what I do 🙂

Since the Agency was recently formed we’re offering reduced rates to help build up client websites to start the optimization process for.

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